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Cannabis seeds online store Bang Seeds is not just a trading platform selling elite nuts, but it is also a seedbank created by Kazakh growers. Legendary landraces hailing from the famous Chuy valley were involved in the development of hybrids that the seedbank offers. Growing cannabis from the proposed material will not cause difficulties even for beginner gardeners. All strains are characterized by high productivity, malleability and unpretentiousness to cultivation conditions. Today, autoflowering feminized strains and photoperiodized feminized hemp seeds are available to customers.


  1. ads

    This section publishes announcements and news from the administration of the Kazakh seed bank Bag Seeds. Replenishment of the assortment, as well as promotions and discounts. Come back often and be in the know.

  2. Range

    This topic is about the Bang Seeds online store assortment. Currently, the seedbank offers customers 65 varieties, in whose genes "blood" is flowing not only from well-known classic hybrids, but also from the world-famous hemp from Chui Valley. In the sections of the store, cannabis seeds can be found not only for experienced gardeners, but also for beginner growers who are only learning the subtleties and basics of growing hemp.

  3. Reviews

    In this section, you can leave feedback on the work of the online store selling hemp seeds Bang Seeds. If you have any suggestions or comments on improving the work of the store, then you can safely publish them in this section of our forum.

  4. Assortment Questions

    Here you can ask questions to Bang Seeds representatives regarding the range of products, as well as to clarify its availability. Currently, the store presents 65 varieties of hemp. Gardeners are presented with autoflowering feminized strains, as well as photoperiod feminized hemp seeds. Growing hemp with planting material from Bang Seeds is a real pleasure.

  5. Questions about the work of the store, orders

    All questions regarding the operation of the Bang Seeds store can be asked in this section. If you have a problem with the order, feel free to create a theme. The administration of the store in the shortest possible time will answer the question and solve the problem.

  6. Prize contests and promotions

    Dear participants of our forum, the Kazakh online store selling elite cannabis seeds holds various contests every month, holds interesting promotions, and also announces discount programs. In this section of our form, the latest news about promotions held by the store will be posted. Stay tuned and keep abreast of developments.

  7. Archive

    In this section, past promotions, news and discounts and bonus programs conducted by the Kazakh online store selling elite seeds of hemp Bang Seeds are archived.

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